Messina Wildlife Returns to Sponsor Will

Posted: Saturday, February 1, 2014 by WKR in Labels: , , , , ,

The third-generation racer is also getting some help with his ARCA program. Longtime Kimmel Racing supporter and sponsor Messina Wildlife Management will be returning to Kimmel Racing's ARCA program in 2014. 
"Will Kimmel is the total package," said James Messina, Vice President of Messinas. 

"What we do for them is pretty miniscule, but whatever we can do, we do. Will does a great job of representing our company, and we're honored to be working with him and his father. Will is not only extremely qualified to be behind the wheel, he's also got something that the rest just don't have. Companies like ours are looking for people like him. They're hard to find - ones that have the genuine qualities that are so valuable. Will's got those qualities top to bottom. 

"I told him last year that he was going to be in the top-10 in points, and that we were looking forward to seeing him up there on stage at the banquet, and he ended up eighth. And of course, we know he's capable of so much more. He's championship material, on and off the track, and we'd like to help contribute as much as we're able to." 

The Messinas logo will occupy the hood on Kimmel's Ford for the 10 announced TV races on FOX Sports 1 and 2. 

"We really appreciate James Messina and their continued support," said Kimmel. "It's not often that a sponsor calls you, but he actually called me about sponsoring the ARCA car this year. We have a great relationship with Messinas, and we're grateful to have them back on the hood. It means a lot to Kimmel Racing."